Storage Insurance Premiums

The amounts below are approximate and include all charges and GST. Taking insurance requires that you provide a more detailed description of the goods to be stored. You will also be required to acknowledge two insurance declarations.

Sum Insured 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months
  • The policy is subject to a 3 month minimum term and $54.89 minimum premium
  • Excess is $250 for all claims
  • There is no coverage provided for currency, deeds, securities, money notes, jewellery, watches, antiques, precious metals or stones, furs or garments trimmed with fur, paintings, curios and works of art

Insurance Protection

If you want to insure your property against loss you must have your own insurance. Like most self-storage operators, Store it cheap does not provide insurance directly and disclaims liability for damage or loss to your stored property.

Self storage insurance can protect your property and your peace of mind. And, you purchase only the amount of insurance you need for as long as you need it.

Store it cheap has been specifically approved for Customer Storage Insurance by Midland Insurance Brokers, who have prepared a low-cost, broad-coverage insurance policy for the convenience of our storage customers. The insurance is underwritten by CGU Insurance Limited. If you want insurance, Store it cheap can organise the insurance cover for you when you move in. The insurance coverage is designed to protect your household goods and other property against loss and/or damage due to fire, theft (by forcible entry), explosion, malicious damage, lightning, earthquake, impact (excluding damage caused by vermin, insects & mildew), riots and strikes, water damage, storm and/or tempest and/or rainwater and accidental damage (excluding whilst loading or unloading from the unit). The policy will indemnify you for such losses.

Please contact us directly if you want insurance for commercial goods and we will find out the premium payable. The maximum cover for theft for commercial goods is $10,000. Boats, motorcycles and motor vehicles can only be insured if they are fully immobilised.

Remember; to be fully reimbursed for loss or damage, be certain to select a sufficient amount of insurance to cover the full replacement value.

For a comprehensive explanation of the insurance please read the Terms and Conditions.